Kristina Olson

Thank you for your support of the 2018 Walk for Old Dogs and Old Dog Haven! I am excited to participate in this celebration of senior dogs on July 22nd in Shoreline's Cromwell Park!

(See below for Sparkee's story)

  Old Dog Haven gives new life to old dogs by providing them the loving homes they deserve and the veterinary care they need.

Old Dog Haven offers refuge to senior dogs in Western Washington (aged 8 or older) considered unadoptable due to their age or health issues. More than 300 dogs are safe in our network of private foster homes. The majority of these dogs need extensive veterinary attention in order to live comfortable, happy lives. All veterinary care is fully covered by Old Dog Haven.

Old Dog Haven’s ability to provide the treatment essential to restoring and maintaining the best possible health for our senior dogs is the direct result of generous donors. The other ingredients for an old dog’s happiness and quality of life — home, food, security, patience, and of course boundless love — are provided by nearly 250 devoted foster families. Helping these old dogs is often expensive, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding.

Thank you for your support! I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word about Old Dog Haven!

Old Dog Haven is 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and your contributions are tax deductible.

Sparkee's story:

We are walking in memory of Old Dog Haven dog Sparkee.  

At the age of, roughly thirteen years old, Sparkee found himself alone and on the streets of Tacoma.  When found, he was taken in to the Tacoma Humane Society and after at least ten days, Old Dog Haven got involved to find this little guy a home.  We (Kristina and Matt) volunteered to watch him until a permanent family could take him, but in the weeks that we had him, we simply fell in love with him.   Even though he was not a 'cuddler'; often preferring to have his own space, he was always by our side - our happy little shadow.

When he came to us, we could tell he had seen a thing or two. He had worms, ticks, runny, goopy eyes, problems with his ears and he was going blind and deaf. This little guy, wouldn't eat at first, and just slept for days. As he started to eat more food, get a good bath (or four), a haircut, and realized he had a comfortable bed to sleep in and that he wasn't going anywhere, his personality started to unfold.

Thanks to ODH, we were able to take care and love him forever. ODH made sure he was comfortable and healthy...blood work, eye drops, dental work (quite a bit of dental work), as well as regular visits to the ophthalmologist and the vet.  Our job was to provide a loving home, take him to the vet, and make sure he was comfortable.

He was with us for about nineteen months. Sparkee had quite of bit going on internally (tumors near his adrenal and anal glands, esophagus problems...the list goes on) But despite all this, you would just never know it...I think he was very happy to be taken care of, he could finally relax. Thanks to ODH, Sparkee was happy, as comfortable as he could be and content in his final years (and completely loved). We miss him so! We are incredible grateful for all that ODH does.

Funds raised: $240 of $250


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What a great cause!! So happy to support ODH and their volunteers.
Kristina Olson
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