Ava Randall | Lola Love

In memory of my beloved Lola girl, I will be walking in the Old Dog Haven Walk for Old Dogs again this year. Last year, BJ, Jade, and I participated, and with the help of our friends and loved ones, we successfully reached our donation goal of $1000. Old Dog Haven is a rescue organization near and dear to my heart that gives second chances to elderly dogs in need. These senior dogs oftentimes lose the home that they have known all their lives, when they are at the most vulnerable point in their lives. Old Dog Haven does everything they can to allow sick or terminal senior pups to live out their remaining time in the comfort of a loving home, with the medical attention they need. I adopted Lola as an 8 1/2 year old senior, and although I only had 5 fleeting years with her, she showed me how much love a senior dog has to offer. Lola had her unfair share of health issues, but despite her setbacks she had a resilient spirit, a hilarious, spunky personality, the most gentle soul, and she was fiercely loyal. My goal is not only to raise money, but to raise awareness that senior dogs like Lola are just as deserving of love and compassion as a younger dog. Dogs are lucky enough to live entirely in the moment and are not looking ahead to the future, so to them, quality of life always outweighs quantity. As hard as it is to only have a senior dog in your life for a short time, these dogs can make a tremendous impact on your life. Lola taught me to love with all your might, to relish in life’s simple pleasures, and that age is only a number. Even though I only had her in my life briefly, every moment I had with her was worth the eventual heartache and brought me far more joy than pain. There are so many senior dogs out there in need, just waiting to enhance the life of a human with room in their heart. Please consider donating to this amazing organization, joining us on our walk in July 22nd, or opening your home and heart to a senior dog in need.

Funds raised: $125 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Laverne Randall : $100