Mary Schumacher | Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

In Memory of Oliver, Bambi, Lancelot and Nina Schumacher

I am very excited to be participating in the 2018 Walk for Old Dogs!  

Oliver, our 1st ODH foster, joined our family 6/4/11 and promptly adopted to be a permanent family member (he was considered adoptable).  Oliver was with us just over 7 years, and left us at the old age of 22.  Pretty good for a Chihuahua mix.  We also recently lost our final refuge foster Nina.  Bambi, RIP, left us November 2016 and is still greatly missed.  Lancelot was with us less than 7 months but his spirit lives on and reminds us of what Christmas is really about every year.  Oliver, Bambi, Lancelot and Nina were given a second chance because Old Dog Haven provides permanent foster homes for senior dogs who have been abandoned or are about to become homeless. 

Currently Old Dog Haven has over 300 dogs in permanent foster care and vet bills are approximately $90,000 per month. That's right, $90,000 per month. The Walk for Old Dogs is their largest fundraiser of the year and all money raised is used to care for the dogs. So every donation goes very far and welcomes you into a world where senior dogs can live in peace with families who love and care for them. You can read more about Old Dog Haven and the work they do on their web site

I am hoping that you will donate whatever you can (remember every $1 adds up) in memory of Oliver and Nina so ODH can continue to help senior dogs who have been abandoned or become homeless through no fault of their own. Pickles, Cha Cha, Ella, John and I would also love to have you join our team.  This year our vet, Elliott Bay Animal Hospital is sponsoring a team to support ODH.  We are inviting our family and friends to join us on the EBAH team.  Thank you so much. We are so grateful for any donations and for helping to spread the word about Old Dog Haven!

Old Dog Haven is 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and your contributions are tax deductible.

Mary, John, Pickles, Cha Cha, Ella

Funds raised: $1,065 of $750


Thank you donors
Wayne Davidson : $50
Carol Collins : $50
Yolanda Morris : $25
Go, Mary, go! For the animals.
Mary Schumacher : $200
In memory of my Bambi and Oliver, my 1st two ODH fosters. 2 very special dogs!
Susan Krzyzanowski : $20
Stephanie Tuck : $50
Thank you for all you do for ODH and old dogs Mary!
Amy Ferguson
Thank you for all you do for the animals!
Sarah Davidson : $100
Thanks for handling this great cause. Please be sure the amount, date, my name appear on my receipt though.
Jim Morrell : $20
Mary Schumacher : $250
In memory of Oliver, Nina, Edgar and Lancelot