Meredith Moses | Tongues Out Team

I am very excited to be participating in the 2018 Walk for Old Dogs! 

Old Dog Haven provides permanent foster homes for senior dogs who have been abandoned or are about to become homeless. Currently Old Dog Haven has over 300 dogs in permanent foster care and vet bills are approximately $90,000 per month.

That's right, $90,000 per month. The Walk for Old Dogs is their largest fundraiser of the year and all money raised is used to care for the dogs. So every donation goes very far and welcomes you into a world where senior dogs can live in peace with families who love and care for them. You can read more about Old Dog Haven and the work they do on their web site

Thank you so much. I am grateful for your donations and for spreading the word about Old Dog Haven!

Old Dog Haven is 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and your contributions are tax deductible.

Funds raised: $7,235 of $6,000


Thank you donors
Pete Anthony : $75
Coworker at Wright Runstad & Company
Patricia Stril : $25
Nima Lama : $100
Greg Dunn : $50
Anonymous : $113
In memory of Libby, our beloved senior rescue who we recently lost at age 13.
Meredith Moses : $200
Match as promised by Kizzy, Dot and Travis
Cashj Donation from Bernice Atwood
Sharon and Jim Perkins
Love to Kizzy, Dot, and Trav!
Kathy Sdao
Go Meredith and the Tongues Out Team!
Mayetta Tiffany : $25
Jennifer Remy
Go Meredith and “Tongues Out Team” ????????
Danielle Harwood : $40
Charles Grass : $100
Carolyn Wennblom : $50
Thanks for all you do for the old pups!
Richard Turko : $50
Andy Bench : $100
Laurence Ross : $100
JEFFREY Myrter : $100
Enjoy the Walk knowing you are doing something really great!
Monika Rasmussen : $100
Mary Richards : $500
Debbie we are please to make this donation to a worthy cause in honor of you. Wright Runstad & Company
Mary Richards : $100
Have Fun!
Walter Ingram : $100
Michele Green : $25
Nancy Jacobs : $35
Meredith, you are an inspiration to me AND a blessing to these wonderful dogs. Thank you! Nancy
Robert Neilson : $25
Jan Canfield : $25
Elena Burnett : $25
Cash donations from a coworker
Cathy Dean : $100
Amy Laurent
<3 to you and your sweet pups!
Allegra Andersen : $50
Aaron Sommer : $25
Christina Burnett
Carl Martelli : $25
Ana Maria Nunez : $25
catrherine coulson : $50
Mitchell Moses
Johanna Padie
Carol Collins : $50
Cash Contributions
Anonymous : $25
Anonymous : $100
Anonymous : $100
Have a great walk
Ann McCrea : $50
Love supporting all the dogs! Thanks for loving them, Layne!
Marguerite Orban
Fati Le : $100
From Fati & Felix - You dogs are so cute! They are so blessed to be/had been with you in your home. Have a wonderful WFOD, Meredith :=)
Katie Bulkley : $25
Donating to recognise Travis Mitchel (Trave Baby!) joining Meredith's family of pups! Glad he is now getting the life he richly deserves.
Kate Besch : $50
Thank you for all the love and support you give to all your dogs. They hit the jackpot when you were paired with them!
Natalie, Price, Hattie, and Cinco Sullivan : $40
The dogs are lucky to have you!
Nancy Low : $25
You Go Tounges out Team!!!!
January Canfield : $25
Sponsoring Travis Mitchell!
Leslie Sorensen : $50
Carol Lewellen : $20
I think what you do is very special. What a wonderful place for these old dogs to live out their lives, in your love. Have a great walk.
Wendy Lam : $25
Have a great walk, Meredith!
Kathryn McCall
For the love of old dogs! Thanks, Meredith, for this ministry!
Mary Feltrup
Cash Donation from a coworker
Anonymous : $50
Way to go Meredith!!!! I'm really proud of you and your hard work.
Bonita Orban
Cheryl Gaillard : $100
Travis Mitchell and all of your babies are lucky to have you!
Anne Fraser : $25
John Hutchings
Richard Ingersoll : $50
Phileo McAlexander
Susan Mings
MSFT will match, hope that counts towards your goal!
Greg Miller : $25
Jenny Aleksich : $50
Sending my best wishes to the TOTs... always rooting for you from SoCal :-)
Irene Scheck : $50
Go Meredith! Thanks for all you do for the dogs.
Carol Barnett Pinkstaff : $100
You are a blessing to these dogs. Thanks for caring for them
Linda Johnson
Thank you for all you do!
Cheryl Bell : $500
Mark Clark : $100
Glad to help all the fur faces.
Anonymous : $25
I'm feeling a bit like an old dog myself these days. You are so kind to care for these sweet old guys.
Mike Sugrue : $75
Keep caring for these loving dogs.
Anonymous : $100
Connie Anderson : $100
Proud to support Meredith and her Tongues Out Team to help care for and love senior dogs!
Robert Meyer : $20
Thanks for reaching out Meredith, have fun on the walk!
Diana Boswell : $100
Thank you, Meredith, for all that you do for these sweet fur babies. They are all sweet fur babies regardless of age :-)
Bill and Pat Campbell : $75
Cynthia Kasin
Your dedication to this cause is inspirational, Meredith. I am happy to support you and the cause!
Joan Nordheim : $50
What a nice thing you are doing Meredith!
Debra Freeman : $100
Wish I could be there to walk with you and your sweet "old" dogs! They are luck to have come into your life - you are an amazing friend to us all.
Sharon Bergquist : $150
Linda Ulrich : $50
Your love and patience is wonderful. I love watching them in their later years. Keep up the good work!!
Sonja Lindberg
You a such a wonderful dog mom!
Susan Davis
Old dogs are young at heart and don't think we're old ever!
TOM MOOTS : $200
Benjamin Amster
Mikel Curry : $25
I admire your work with these senior dogs.
Amy Doerzbacher
Christina Jillard : $50
Tammy Colburn : $100
You're doing wonderful work Meredith - keep it up!