Peabody Johanson | PNW Spaniel Squad

Hi All!

I'm Peabody and helping senior dogs is my mission. Each year my team PNW Spaniel Squad (formerly Team Crazy Cocker Spaniel) raise funds for Old Dog Haven. 

I personally have 5 (sadly now 4 as of May 14th) special needs spaniels, three of which are seniors. All rescue. 

Mickey is our only boy and he is 11 years old. He is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He has two spinal conditions: Altano-axil Malformation (where his C1 overrides his C2) and Syringomyelia. He has hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, is deaf, has reoccurring middle ear infections, has facial paralysis, has thyroid disease, idiopathic high blood pressure, mitral valve disease. He also had behavior issues and aggression towards males (you can see we have gotten him over that :P ).
He is a grumpy old man who secretly has a sweet heart. Was a mama's boy who turned totally to a daddy's boy. 

*Sadly Crissy passed of Congestive Heart Failure May 14th, we now walk in her honor. 
Crissy is a 12 year old tricolored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Crissy is a sassy ball of sweetness who is deaf, blind, in congestive heart failure, collapsed trachea, and suffers vasovagal syncope episodes but that doesn't slow her down. 

Daisy is a 8 year old tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Daisy is the mama of all our dogs in spirit. She takes care of everyone including her humans. Daisy is our healthiest cavalier only suffering from Mitral Valve Disease. 

Georgia is (we think) a 6 year old Blenheim English Toy Spaniel. She suffers from Syringomyelia which is a spinal condition that her and Mickey both have. She is our comedic relief and a bit of a thief. Enjoys snorting in your face and snuggling up next to you. 

Tulip is our youngest at the age of 3. She is a Blenheim English Toy Spaniel that comes from a puppy mill auction. While she is 3 she has the soul of an old dog and is our least active dog actually. She has socialization issues and respiratory sinus arrhythmia. 

Holly was (she crossed the rainbow bridge October 2016) a 9 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was a sweet and shy breeder release who was my husband's heart dog. She passed sadly from congestive heart failure as cavaliers often do. 

Skoshi was (she crossed the rainbow bridge March 2015) a 15 year old buff cocker spaniel. She was the reason we started walking for Old Dog Haven and the original member of our spaniel squad. She's why we used to be called Team Crazy Cocker Spaniel...because she was. But she was the best. 

I hope you can open your hearts and pocket books and help me raise money for Old Dog Haven!


Not familiar with Old Dog Haven? Here's their info:

Old Dog Haven provides permanent foster homes for senior dogs who have been abandoned or are about to become homeless. Currently Old Dog Haven has over 300 dogs in permanent foster care and vet bills are approximately $90,000 per month.

That's right, $90,000 per month. The Walk for Old Dogs is their largest fundraiser of the year and all money raised is used to care for the dogs. So every donation goes very far and welcomes you into a world where senior dogs can live in peace with families who love and care for them. You can read more about Old Dog Haven and the work they do on their web site

Thank you so much. I am grateful for your donations and for spreading the word about Old Dog Haven!

Old Dog Haven is 501(c)(3) charitable corporation and your contributions are tax deductible.

Funds raised: $2,070 of $6,000


Thank you donors
Molly McDougall : $25
In memory of Ruby Carter, who had a loving home, in hopes that others will find one.
Robert Winwood : $25
From Bailey_the_ckcs with Love!
Elisabeth Frøland : $25
Jennifer Prescott : $100
In memory of Crissy Johanson. May she be running free from pain at The Bridge. xxx Jen and Gary Prescott
Jenni Field : $20
In memory of sweet Crissy, with hugs from me and our furry children. xo
Shannon Conroy : $25
In memory of Willoh and Max and for Crissy. Your Instagram makes my day!
Elizabeth Proctor : $25
Thank you for loving the seniors??
Sarah Gunn : $25
Love you guys!
Judy Nelson : $25
I’m so sorry about your sweet girl.
Keigo Simpson : $50
Marie Costello : $100
Thank you PNW Spaniel Squad for raising money every year for ODH... and for all the love you give to your sweet fur babies.
Cindee Andazola : $25
For your beloved Crissy
Sidney Kirk : $25
For you and Crissy!
Renee Curtis : $50
In memory of Crissy. Pea - Thank you for all you do for ODH.
Brittany Pettengill : $25
In loving memory of Crissy <3
Nicole Longpre
In memory of all your sweet doggies. Hopefully more dogs can learn about how loving a family can be.
Katie Cabral : $50
Andrea Mitchell : $50
Lindsey Jensen : $25
Heidi Sexton : $100
Dawn Heffelfinger
ALLISON Hornberger : $25
I enjoy your Instagram post so much! You have a beautiful family. Good luck with the walk. Allison
Eva Grant : $25
On behalf of Cezar, Mickey & Po Grant
Ian Jendro : $25
Chris Barr
In honor of our boy Bo and the very special Kayla both gone to the bridge early this year.
Kathleen Pehl : $100
Best of luck reaching your goal! Skritch all the spaniels for me.
Judy Nelson : $25
Kelly Mullane Gagliardi : $50
Love all the good work you do! Hope your sweet family inspires others to save more seniors!!
Kari Rice : $250
You have to wear a tutu in honor of Wiggle since I cannot be there.
Victoria Rudd : $50
Keep it going!!
Noelle Dockstader : $50
I follow Mickey on IG and love every post from your squad! I have a 10.5yo Tri in congestive heart failure, and lost my 10.5yo Blenheim last June to congestive heart failure. Thank you for all you do!
Nancy Rudd : $50
Good luck and I hope you reach your goal. I love what you do and I love you.
Anonymous : $25